vXmas – Advent Calender

This part of my blog will be available during the christmas time and will be updated daily as I want to create an advent calender.

As you may know, children get excited about the advent calender because it will open one part each day revealing a piece of chocolate or something similar.

I obviously won’t share any chocolate but information, knowledge or trivia. The goal is to gather things like blog posts, new announcements about events, video tutorials, free trials, documents such as white papers and anything like that. Each day a new post will be available with new stuff. Like the original traditional advent calendar for kids, just for techies and other bloggers.

I do not want to host any media or software, just collect and share it. So if you want to have your blog post or something else featured, just drop me a message on Twitter.

First post will be available on 1st of December.






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