1st December 2018

Today my self made-up X-Mas event starts. I will start to publish some links to posts and news think are worth a read. I also working on some blog posts on my own which will be published in the next days.

If you are planning to publish content on your blog and would like to be featured, feel free to contact me on twitter and I will include the post in this event.



If you are into VMware NSX or want to improve the knowledge about this product head to VMware Blog and take a look at the downloadable PDF’s available! You’ll find 9 different papers to read through including four new releases!


Another blog post I read was published by Steve Hegarty called “Dell EMC vRealize Automation Data Protection Extension: This much I know“.                                                    It’s a very interesting Q&A-ish post about vRealize Data Protection extension functionality. Kudos to @HeagaSteve


Interested in becoming a vExpert? Meet the vExpert Pro and get in touch to talk about your application and what you need to do! Head over to the vExpert Pro Directory


Little bit of trivia. 10 years ago https://www.vmware.com looked like this (source: Wayback Machine):

2018-11-30 21_49_58-VMware_ Virtualization via Hypervisor, Virtual Machine & Server Consolidation -


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