11th December 2018

As I am a big fan of DellEMC VxRail, I can recommend Victor Wu‘s newest blog post about how to migrate VMs into VxRail cluster from vSphere cluster and shows pro’s and con’s as well as the requirements in all of his 5 options. Great article, kudos @umacboyvictor!

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I mentioned vswitchzero several times before, and again, Mike Da Costa published the next part of his NSX Troubleshooting Scenario! This time it’s the solution to his 13th scenario. It is an absolute massive and passionate project which should be more shared! So feel free to share it and leave a like!

2018-12-10 11_21_54-Window.jpg

Head over to Michael Schröder‘s newest blog post about ESX physical uplink resiliency and take a look at his solutions for the following problem scenario:

2018-12-10 11_25_40-Window.jpg

Great article! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Michael!

Markus Kraus shared his newest article “Dashboard – Host vCPU to Core Allocation Ratio“, creating his new Super Metric and Dashboard as he describes the new capacity planning behavior of vRealize Operations Manager 7.0.

2018-12-10 11_36_07-Window.jpg


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