6th December 2018

ITQ just released another lightboard video about VMware vRealize Automation and it’s benefits. Presented by Oliver Bootsma.

2018-12-06 11_12_19-Olivier Bootsma explains what the benefits are of a Cloud Management Platform su.jpg

Christopher Sibug published a new post on his blog about the explanation of PODS in VMware Validated Designs. You can find his post HERE.

2018-12-06 11_18_45-My Cloud Journey – VMware Virtualization.jpg

On December 4th, 2018 I already mentioned Mike Da Costa and his VMware NSX troubleshooting scenario 12 solution. Now he just published the 13th scenario! While you wait for the solution to be published, leave a comment about your solution on his scenario in the comments below or on Twitter @vswitchzero

VMware Site Recovery has it’s 1st anniversary and Ori Broit remembers the achievements in the past year on this post about Disaster Recovery as-a-Service for VMware Cloud on AWS.

As speaking of AWS re:Invent, here is a great summary about this year AWS re:Invent and it’s key takeaways published by Diana Shtil.

Quote:”AWS Outposts enables organizations to deploy AWS compute and storage racks in their on-premises infrastructure while also being able to utilize AWS’ cloud services in their data center. VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts are a fully managed Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) powered by VMware Cloud Foundation.”



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