vBeer Meetup 2019 Düsseldorf / Germany

Like last year I am starting to organize the next vBeer meetup in Düsseldorf; Germany. This time we’ll have a seat at “Die Kasematten” directly located at the river shore. As the vExpert second half application are open until the 12th of July I’ll be happy if I can answer questions about the advantages of this program or even if you need help. Just reach out to me! vExpert blog post


When: Sunday 7th July 2019 / 06:00 PM

Where: Die Kasematten / Düsseldorf

Who: Everyone who is interested in meeting other tech enthusiasts, nerds and people of the vCommunity!

Why: It’s fun! Like having a beer with friends.

Costs: It is not sponsored or something similar, so you’ll need to pay for your own. But besides that it’s free!

2019-06-07 15_05_07-Kasematten Düsseldorf - Google Maps - Opera.jpg

Location: Google

Reach out per DM if you want to join the vBeer!

Bonus: STICKERS! I’ll bring some vSAN stickers for you to share! Stay tuned!

Everyone interested or want to take part organizing, please contact me at info@hyper-converged.com.

Again, this is just a chance to meet new people, share knowledge, have fun and connect. There won’t be any sponsored catering or something similar. Like meeting friends.

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