Havin’ a vBeer? Western Germany Meet-Up

Earlier this month I started a Twitter poll and asked the community if anyone would be interested in some kind of community gathering besides the VMUG or any other event. I thought about this because, looking at the western of Germany, there seems to be a huge gap with a lot of potential. There are VMUGs and other events located at the eastern, nothern and southern but not the western part of Germany. Next events are located at Netherland or Belgium.

So I was wondering if there are less people interested or just no one started to change it. The results were pretty positive:

2018-02-28 11_28_17-Christoph Villnow (@LagnDary) _ Twitter - Opera.jpg

10 would be interested, 4 are curious and 2 have presumably no time or waiting for other events. But these are just the Twitter results. Beside that I do have 5-7 more interested in some kind of meet up, having a beer or coffee, talk and share information. Maybe connect to each other for further projects or something else.

I was going for Cologne or Duesseldorf, cause these are the cities most centralized at our area, and came up with three options:

Köln, Funk Haus

Köln, Peters Brauhaus

Düsseldorf, Zum Schlüssel

I would go for April to make an appointment at your choice…. another Doodle Poll. I will evaluate the results end of next week on 25th March and start to organize a specific date at the resulting bar/pub.

Everyone interested or want to take part organizing, please contact me at info@hyper-converged.com

Again, this is just a chance to meet new people, share knowledge, have fun and connect. There won’t be any sponsored catering or something similar. Like meeting friends. And it is the first attempt to start something like this, I’ll do my best 😉

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